PigeonRQ (Parcel) is lightweight, RESTful, persistent message queueing with notification via asynchronous web service callbacks. Send a message from your server into a parcel queue through a REST service call. If configured, parcel will notify registered endpoints that a new message landed in the queue. Chaining can be used to facilitate complex messaging workflows.

PigeonRQ optionally supports tokens to secure your queues. Queues can also be open for general access

Parcel is open source! Something this good had to be shared with the masses!

Parcel is built on modern frameworks and toolkits like Node.js, Express and MongoDB making it the right fit for your messaging needs

Parcel is simple to use! Get started right away to setup powerful REST-based messaging and queue management.

Parcel queues can be FIFO/LIFO, point-to-point, publish-subscribe, secured/open, destructive/non-destructive and more

Parcel exposes REST endpoints for messaging and queue management. It fits everywhere!

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