We built Verne to be the writing tool we wished we had as literary writers. Verne features a clean and powerful interface with cloud sync for seamless connected and disconnected writing. Whether you are sitting down at a desk for an in-depth writing session, or capturing thoughts and ideas on the go, Verne is the ideal tool for your writing needs. Features are seamless, intuitive and powerful. Check it out today!

RocketPack Kid

RocketPack Kid is a fun, action game for mobile devices. The player will use dexterity and quick reaction time to propel RocketPack Kid to ever-higher altitudes. Suitable for all ages, the game combines bright and colorful graphics with fast-paced game play that will keep you playing for that ever elusive new high score.

PigeonRQ (Parcel)

PigeonRQ (Parcel) is lightweight, RESTful, persistent message queueing with notification via asynchronous web service callbacks. Send a message from your server into a parcel queue through a REST service call. If configured, parcel will notify registered endpoints that a new message landed in the queue. Chaining can be used to facilitate complex messaging workflows.


Badminton with a bomb? Challenge your friends or an AI now on iOS and Android. Check it out!

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